Women-- Get Ready To Discover...

"How To Hypnotize His Heart and Rekindle His Love, Devotion and Attention"

Keep reading to learn our best secrets for getting a man to love you the way you want and deserve...

Hi-- It's Susie and Otto Collins and here's a question for you...

Do you want to be loved, adored and cherished?

Of course you do.

Every woman does.

What you may not know about love relationships is...

As a woman, you can have everything you've ever wanted in your relationship with a man if you just do one thing (we'll reveal this in a moment...)

The question is, what do you want?

For example:

Do you...

  • Want more love, more attention and more affection from him
  • Want him to pay attention to you and only you and keep his mind off other women
  • Want more intimate connections with him
  • Want him to open his heart to you
  • Want him to talk to you and be willing to be vulnerable with you while still being a man
  • Want to be able to trust him again
  • Want better communication and a deeper connection
  • Want to get rid of jealousy
  • Want to stop your partner's affairs or infidelity
  • Want him to adore, desire and cherish you

If you said yes to any of those we just mentioned, or if there's anything else that's a challenge for you in the area of love or relationships, then learning how to Hypnotize His Heart can change your relationship or marriage forever.

You can invite the love you want from him by learning the secrets to "Hypnotizing His Heart" and we'll show you how.

4 Reasons Why So Many Divorces and Breakups Happen and
How To Inspire a Love In Him That Lasts a Lifetime...

If you don’t have the love, passion and connection you want from your man that you want, then why not?

…And we’re not being flippant here.

If you don’t have the love, intimacy and connection you want, it’s most likely because of one of these four things which are not your fault (but you can change them) …

1)      Myths of what love’s supposed to look or not look like are everywhere. These myths about what love is supposed to be and how to make it work (or why it’s hopeless) are perpetuated in the media, books, and music constantly. They set the stage for unreal expectations and damaging assumptions that can sabotage and kill love.

2)    Without even knowing it, you have built an entire set of thoughts and beliefs about what’s possible in a love relationship within you. These thoughts and beliefs usually come from your past experiences and create perceived blocks and barriers within you to getting the love you want. Very often, you simply don’t see a way around them because you’re so mired in the situation.

3)     We’ve ALL been hurt and felt pain in our current and past relationships to greater and lesser degrees. When painful experiences happen to you,  very often (even when you think you’ve put them behind you) you still carry the pain of those experiences within you. These painful experiences become unconscious fears that you unconsciously carry around and can close your heart to your partner. This creates distance and disconnection.

4)     In this society, no one, including you, has been taught from birth how to create lasting love or how to restart the spark when it’s faded. You’re not taught what to do or how to fix it when something good goes bad.

We’re not taught in school, and our parents or childhood caregivers don’t teach us because most of the time they’re still trying to figure out how to create lasting love themselves.  And of course there’s also plenty of advice from well-meaning friends, family and co-workers (who, in most cases are people you probably shouldn’t be taking love advice from.)

 The GOOD NEWS is that you can overcome every one of these much easier than you might think and get your guy to show you the love you want in almost no time at all—if you understand and apply the secrets and strategies we’re about to share with you from our brand new program called "Hypnotize His Heart."

The #1 Secret To Inspiring A Man’s Total Love and Devotion For You...

If you want to restart the spark in a man’s heart for you and inspire his total love and devotion for as long as you want, it really only comes down to one thing…

Are you an “Irresistible Invitation To Love” to him—from HIS point of view?

We wish it were different but…

No matter how kind, loving, and giving you think or feel you are—how HE sees you and whether HE sees you as an irresistible invitation to love is what counts.

You're probably doing a great job of trying to love him, connect with him and be the best partner, friend, spouse and lover you could possibly be.


If you want him to give you his undying love and attention and keep giving it to you, then HE’s got to feel it from you.

If he doesn’t feel “it” from you, then chances are he won’t give all of himself over to you—especially the parts of him you want, desire and crave to feel from him.

But here’s some good news about all this…

If there’s any part of you that wants to feel your man’s love and his desire for you more than you're feeling right now, there’s only one thing you have to do to be totally irresistible to a man.

And this one thing is to “Hypnotize His Heart” in such a way that makes it impossible for him to resist giving all of himself to you totally and completely.

But how do you do that?

It’s actually MUCH easier than you might think…

Hypnotizing a Man's Heart and Inspiring His
Total Love and Devotion Is Easy When...

It’s tragic but so many women we talk to think that getting a man to shift, change and give himself heart, mind, body and soul is hard work (or even impossible) but what we’ve found is that becoming “irresistible” really is possible.

In fact, hypnotizing a man's heart and inspiring his total love and devotion can happen if you're willing to make a few subtle shifts in how you relate to him.

You see..

Despite what popular magazines, movies, tv shows and many internet sites suggest—being an irresistible invitation to love doesn’t have to do with age, the shape or size of your body, the texture or length of your hair, the clothes you wear or any other physical characteristic.

Being an irresistible invitation to love is about keeping the spark alive (or re-igniting it) by making shifts to communicate and connect in your heart, your voice, your body language and your actions.

It’s your attitude, what you tell yourself, it’s the way you talk to your partner, and the way you treat him. It’s bringing back the “specialness” of your relationship. It’s showing him that you’re excited and want to be with him.

A Quick Example Of How To Be More "Irresistible"
To Your Man...

About a year or so after the two of us got together, something happened that transformed our relationship forever and if there’s one thing it proves—it’s this…

If you think that in order to hypnotize a man’s heart and inspire his total love and devotion you have to make big, radical shifts about who you are or you have to give yourself away in the process—you need to think again because…

Most of the time, it’s not necessarily the big things but the small subtle things that you do that can push open the door to his heart.

Here’s an example of one of those times in our relationship when Susie made one simple shift in how she looked at something and it made her MUCH more irresistible to Otto.

There's a big lesson for you here in how to hypnotize a your man's heart and...

Here’s what happened in Susie’s own words…

“I have this really good friend, Melissa, who (before we moved to a new city a few years ago) used to be my exercise buddy.  Melessa and I used to run and later walked together almost every day for close to 30 years.

“One day about a year or so into my relationship with Otto after I had returned from running with Melissa, the truth of what I had been doing in part to kill our beautiful relationship suddenly dawned on me.

“As soon as I came in the door from the run, after mulling over what I wanted to accomplish that day, I found myself telling Otto (in a very superior, authoritative tone of voice) that he needed to help rake the massive amount of leaves on our wooded property that very day.

“As I said it and noticed his negative reaction, I suddenly realized that this wasn’t the first time I had said or done something like this to Otto and in that moment, I realized that I was not treating Otto with the same love and respect that I treated my best girlfriend.


“I had called him my best friend but I wasn’t treating him like one!

“When Otto started getting defensive and just plain angry with me about this, it hit me like a bolt of lightning that what I had said to him and how I said it was a demand and it sounded like I had not really given him a “choice” in the matter.

“What I was saying was coming totally from MY agenda and the message was that Otto had to rake those leaves that very day no matter what he had planned.

“Have you ever said something that you knew as soon as it came out of your mouth that it was the wrong thing to say?

“I’ll bet you have.

“We ALL have!

“In an instant, I realized that my words–’You need to rake those leaves today’ was not an invitation to a discussion or to love—let alone getting a buy-in from Otto but rather a demand—and that’s exactly how they came off!

“I also realized that Otto became angry and pulled away from me when I used words like these AND it was starting to show in the lack of closeness and connection I felt with him at certain times.

“I had been reacting on auto-pilot and doing the same kinds of things I did with my ex husband and I realized that if I didn’t stop, I could end up with another marriage ending in divorce like my first one—and I didn’t want that!

“This moment that I just told you about was long before we started doing the work we do now as relationship coaches , authors, speakers and seminar leaders– and in that moment, I realized that not only was I NOT being very nice or kind… I was being VERY bossy, demanding and was  NOT  being very much of what we now call an “irresistible invitation to love.”

“Of course I wasn’t the only one who needed some help in communicating and connecting.

“Otto had some communication quirks that got in the way of our connection as well…

“But, I realized right then and there was that there were some very simple things that I could start doing immediately that could make a HUGE difference in our relationship.

“Once I started making these small (but dramatic) changes in the way I treated Otto, I was able to totally “Hypnotize His Heart” and since that day every time I’d do something that drew him closer–I’d make a mental note of it and keep doing what was working and anytime I’d see that something I was doing with Otto wasn’t working–I’d make a mental note of that too–to STOP doing that.

“Now, 17 years later, when the the love and life has long since fizzled for most couples, we’re more passionate, more connected, more intimate and more in love with each other than ever and the delicious part is that…

“Otto STILL finds me to be totally irresistible even after all these years.”

No matter what your relationship or marriage is like now…

We want to show you how YOU can be totally irresistible to your man, whether you’ve been together for 3 months or 30+ years…

That’s why we just created a brand new program for you that you’re going to love called “Hypnotize His Heart…”

3 Fast-Start Secrets To Hypnotizing a Man's Heart
and Inspiring His Total Love and Devotion For You...

If you're like most women and want to hypnotize a man's heart...

You don't want wait around for love and hope it happens next month, next year or "some day..."

You want it to start happening right now.

So, with that in mind...

Here are 3 things you can start doing right now that will melt his heart and have him more in love, more attracted to you and more excited to be with you than ever.

Caution: Just because these 3 secrets are simple, don't make the mistake of thinking that they aren't powerful. They are. They're powerful enough the melt even the most stoic of men's hearts and have him be putty in your hands.

Fast-Start Secret #1 For Hypnotizing Your Man's Heart

Share a Smile For No Reason

Sometimes things have gone so sour with your husband, or partner that you don't want to smile at him.

After all, if you're not "feeling it..." smiling at him doesn't seem to be very authentic or real does it?

Here's our take on this and why smiling at at him  (even when you may not be feeling it) may be one of the most important things you can do to start hypnotizing your man's heart and getting him to start loving you more the way you want.

A couple of years ago, we did a survey of the 8,256 men who get our men's relationship newsletter and asked them the question about what the number one thing was that their wife, partner or lover could do to let them know that they really loved them, cared about them and would let them know that she really wanted to be with him and the top answer was (You guessed it)...

Seeing their woman smile.

That's right--men LOVE to see you smile.

 We always knew this but our survey verified it and now we're passing this on to you.

If you want to restart the spark in your man's heart for you--a simple smile can go a long way.

Fast-Start Secret #2 For Hypnotizing Your Man's Heart...

Look For The Bright Spot

If you're like most women and want to hypnotize a man's heart, there's a cancer that gets in the way of you doing this far too often.

It's when you spend far more of your time, attention and energy focusing on what you DON'T like, love and appreciate about your guy instead of focusing on what you DO LOVE, like and appreciate about him.

The plain fact is...

If you look for the bad in anything or any situation, you can ALWAYS find it and...

The tragedy in most love relationships is that most women spend a lot of energy focusing on what they don't like about their man or how he acts rather than focusing on what they like, love and appreciate.

To keep our relationship strong and healthy, several times a day, we make it a point to say and do things that build the other up and make them feel good.

In other words, we point out what we love about each other instead of what we might not find so attractive.

This is one thing that we can absolutely assure you will help you to "Hypnotize Your Man's Heart" much more than telling him and showing your guy all the negative parts of him that you can't stand.

Please understand that we're not suggesting that you put blinders on and ignore red flags and warning signs if he's doing things to violate your trust or damage the relationship.

What we are suggesting is to become more of a "good finder" in your actions with him and if you do, you'll be amazed at how powerful this is and how this one idea can reverse any challenges you two may have been having up until now.

Fast-Start Secret #3 For Hypnotizing Your Man's Heart

Throw Out Your Old Romantic Rule book

When it comes to intimate relationships, most of us have formed our opinions or "rules" about what a man should or shouldn't be doing if he's going to be in a relationship with you.

The problem for many women is that you almost never take the time to truly examine whether the "rules," beliefs and expectations that you're living out of in your relationship are serving you in helping you get the love you want or not.

As we've worked with thousands of women in our one-on-one Relationship Reverse coaching with women, we've seen it over and over again where expectations, "rules," and beliefs get in the way of creating a great relationship with an otherwise amazing man.

Again, we're certainly not advocating you "settling" for lousy behavior from your guy. What we are saying is that it might be time to check in to find out if you're not "seeing" what he is doing that is kind and loving.

And...even though it might not look like "romance" to you, his actions might be speaking "love" in another language.

In order to melt his heart, we encourage you to take a look at any unconscious "rules" you might be expecting him to live up to that may be totally unfair, unrealistic or even rules that he has no idea about that are important to you.

If you want him to be more attracted to you, our tip for you is to look at your pre-conceived notions of what love and romance has to look like and open to noticing and appreciating what is there right here, right now.

And then appreciate him for that.

Again, making even the smallest changes can make a big difference in how your man (or the man you want) responds to you.

Imagine what it would be like if you could truly Hypnotize His Heart and so that he wants you, desires you and is willing to open himself in ways he hasn't for a while or never has before...


Thanks to a program we've just created for you, NOW you can do all of this and much more...




A Breakthrough Program Just For Women Guaranteed To Rekindle Your Love, Inspire His Devotion and Capture His Attention...


Imagine Learning How to Hypnotize His Heart and Experience an Amazing Love That Lasts...

Hypnotize His Heart is the first book and audio program of its kind created specifically for women like you who want to "Hypnotize Your Man's Heart" so you can inspire his total love and devotion for you (and ONLY You)...

Here's what's included in the program...

The program includes lifetime access to the Hypnotize His Heart downloadable ebook and 2 instantly downloadable audio trainings.

The Foundation of the Program is the Hypnotize His Heart downloadable book…

You’ll learn our best tips and techniques for attracting your man so that he wants to talk with you and be with you–and only you. You’ll discover how to bring him closer, even when there are arguments between the two of you that have been unresolvable up until now. You'll get specific words to use to get his attention and ask for what you want in a way that brings the two of you closer and to get on the same page. You'll also learn ways to bring lightness and play to your relationship that might not have been there for a long time--all without giving yourself away or becoming a doormat--and so much more.


The first audio training is called “6 Secrets for Becoming an Irresistible Invitation to Love”

This audio is the recording from our "6 Secrets to Becoming An Irresistible Invitation To Love" teleseminar and web audio cast we did recently that ran nearly 2 hours and you're going to love it.

No matter what relationship problems or challenges you face, you can literally wipe them out if you will only do this one thing…Become an “Irresistible Invitation” to love. In this audio training, we show you 6 powerful ways to become “irresistible” to your guy so that he wants to give you the love and connection you’ve always wanted.

The second audio training is called “Make Him More Romantic”

Do you also wish that your man would made you feel like the most special and important woman in the world? You may not realize it yet but there are things that YOU can do right now to invite him to be more romantic and in this audio training, we explain how.

In this 80 minute recording from our recent teleseminar and web audio cast called “Make Him More Romantic,” you'll get the secrets to transforming your man from a “Romantic Neanderthal" into a “Romantic Master” whose heart is overflowing with love and romance for you.

If you’re not getting the love and romance you really want, it’s time to stop settling for less than you want and less than you deserve in your relationship and life…

… and it’s time for you to start getting more of the love, romance and connection that you want.  Listen to this “Make Him More Romantic” audio training and discover how.

By ordering your Hypnotize His Heart program now, you'll get
the following additional BONUS Gifts…

Bonus #1“21 Words, Phrases and Sentences to NEVER Say To Your Partner, Spouse or Lover”–In this special report, you'll get a list of 21 of our top words and phrases to NOT say to your partner if you want to have a close and connected relationship filled with love, respect and kindness.

Bonus #2“10 Communication Mistakes Most People Make In Their Relationships and What They Can Do To Fix Them”– This special report contains the 10 mistakes that most people make that they often don't realize they're making, as well as the master keys on how to start improving communication now with your guy.

Here’s what you’ll discover by going through this Hypnotize His Heart program…

  • What a woman should NEVER do to a man-- if you want him to open his heart to you
  • The 3 things every woman can do to invite her man to love, adore and cherish her like never before
  • The male and the female's perspective on what men and women most want in relationship and how you can inspire him to give you all the love you could ever want without giving yourself away or feeling taken advantage of
  • The ONE and ONLY way to guarantee you'll have lasting love
  • How to get HIM to open up to you and talk to you about anything
  • What any woman can do to make a man want her more, both in and out of the bedroom
  • The strange but true secret to making your love last forever
  • The secrets to melting his heart, breaking through his shell and tearing down any walls between the two of you so you can restarting the spark for you in his heart…
  • How to invite your man (and keep inviting him) to more intimacy and connection that grows through the years than you ever thought was possible!
  • How to put your man into a “love” trance in a really good, healthy way—a way that you’ll both enjoy
  • How to be more open, radiant, playful and fun-- and do it in ways that automatically makes him want to love you more and more
  • The most alluring thing you could ever do to a man that will make him want to open his heart and come closer and closer to you
  • How to invite him to resolve arguments and conflicts that might have been going on for years
  • And much more...

Why All the Fuss about “Hypnotize His Heart?”

Hypnotize His Heart is the first program of its kind created specifically for women like you who want more love, more connection and more intimacy with your husband, partner or lover.

If you have even an ounce of hope and desire for more from your man than you’re getting from him right now—this program is something you just have to get as soon as possible.

In this program, you'll learn how to tap into that divine feminine goddess that’s right there inside you and make a few simple shifts in how you connect with him.

Once you make these few small shifts, your love and his desire for you will start to be transformed right before your very eyes.

You’ll start to notice him loving you and wanting to connect with you with his whole heart, mind, body and soul in ways maybe he’s never done before.

Imagine how great it’s going to be to hear the excitement, love and tenderness in his voice when he calls you when he’s not with you for no other reason other than to tell you how much he loves you and how glad he is to have you as his wife, partner or lover.

Imagine the looks of surprise and amazement in the eyes of your friends, family and co-workers when they start to notice how happy you are becoming these days and how you’ve started acting like someone who’s fallen “in love” all over again or for the first time—all because of what you’ve learned in this Hypnotize His Heart program.

Expect The Positive Changes In Him and
Your Relationship To Start Happening Quickly…

If you want to restart the spark in your guy's heart for you and have it start happening quickly, download your copy of our Hypnotize His Heart program right now.

Once you've done that, next, we recommend that you put yourself in a state of positive expectation and then start noticing the changes in your man and your relationship as you apply what you're learning from us in the Hypnotize His Heart program.

Putting yourself in a state of positive expectation will absolutely work wonders for you and your relationship as you go through the info in the Hypnotize His Heart book and audio trainings.

We've been doing this for years in our own relationship and this is one of the reasons our passion for each other and our love and connection is still very much alive all these years later when so many other couples who've been together as long as we have are calling in the lawyers and getting ready for divorce court.

We're so excited to share these ideas on how to Hypnotize Your Man's Heart with you.

Don't wait another moment!

Order this program and start going through it right now!

Only $47

Not only are you going to get instant access to our complete Hypnotize His Heart program for only $47 but you’re also getting our personal guarantee…

Say “maybe” now and try it for 60 Days at our risk. If you go through our program, apply our ideas and strategies in your relationship and life and you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason—just let our customer service team know anytime within 60 days and we’ll issue you a full refund.

If you’re a woman who wants to feel more love and connection with your husband or partner, THIS is a really important moment…

We know that if you’ve read this far that you’re a woman who is now realizing that more love than you’ve been getting from your man is totally possible for you.

You’re someone who’s willing to be open to the possibility that if you’ll just make a few small shifts within you, that you—YES YOU can totally and completely hypnotize your man’s heart and fill him with a desire for you that never stops. Say YES to this “Hypnotize His Heart” program by ordering now and we’ll show you how.



Much Love To You,

Susie and Otto Collins


P.S.    If you truly want to create lasting love with the man in your life, NOTHING is more important than being able to Hypnotize His Heart.

Please understand that this doesn’t involve any kind of “hocus-pocus,” trickery or manipulation.

And no, you won’t be learning any actual hypnosis—(we’ll leave that to the stage performers in Las Vegas.)

What you will be learning is exactly how to hypnotize his heart, mesmerize him and restart the spark in his heart for you so that he totally and completely wants you and loves you (and ONLY you) forever.

Order Hypnotize His Heart now!  

Here's What Others Are Saying About Our Work...

"You have saved my relationship..."

"Hi Susie and/or Otto, May I say that you have saved my relationship, I used to make false accusations, be jealous and get angry, though I would not know why, but listening to everything you two have said in your audio courses, I finally understand jealousy and why I am reacting like this. I have not finished reading the book or the audio courses, but my relationship is already improving. Thank you so much. I am so grateful to you two, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know how to control my emotions. And our relationship would've definitely ended, which would be terrible since we love each other so much. I didn't even know jealousy could be controlled, I thought it would always be inside of me...Thanks again, you're the best!"

Name withheld on request

"[Magic Words] helped me think about how my words and attitudes could be perceived or misconstrued..."

"I have really enjoyed not only the Magic Relationship Words book, but also the mini course. The series and book helped me think about how my words and attitudes could be perceived or misconstrued by my partner, and how to more effectively communicate how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking without making the situation worse. "I'm generally considered to be a kind, considerate person but this is a new relationship and I'm still learning his triggers and communication style. "Your products really helped me put myself in his shoes in a more productive way. Thanks a lot for the help!


"This material is terrific..."

"I downloaded your 'Magic Words' ebook and got two audios a couple days ago. Honestly, this material is terrific. I'm 60 yrs old and have been single for 27 years. I've worked on myself a lot but now that I finally have a really good man, I've noticed my inner thinking and some outer reactions that really have nothing to do with him. Your material is really helping me clarify and take responsibility for my own 'stuff' so I won't destroy what we are building. Thank you so much for what you do! You do it very well, too.

Rudy M.

"Stop the Bleeding" Communication Tools Worked!

"Dear Otto & Susie, I just wanted to tell you I tried some of the communication tools you described in "Stop the Bleeding" and it worked! My husband and I have been having trouble for several years now, but after listening to your program the other night, I tried something new. We had a long talk and instead of getting defensive or trying to fix things when he told me how he was feeling, I said " What can I do to support you in this?" He thought about it for a moment and then made a specific request that I could easily do, then he thanked me for asking! He thanked me several times! At our next counseling session he even told the counselor about it, he said he felt heard! We still have a long way to go, but it felt so good to finally be able to communicate with him on a much deeper level. I have several of your programs and they are all very valuable, but 'Stop the Bleeding' really hit home for me. The tools were really easy to use and very effective. Thank you!"



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